Note: The angel is not an actual Pokemon type.

Angel type magic is the most rare kind of magic available naturally. It can only be found in Heaven and with very specific beings that later awaken themselves as angels. This type is a combination of air and light types (and a little of time magic), yet has some very unique moves.

The symbol of angel type is a halo/small angel figure.

Strong against: dragon

Weak against: dark

Possible moves:

  • godspeed - agility that can not be seen by the naked eye. Also causes an increase in allies' speed.
  • time crash - stops time unless performed again. Causes damage and possibly a very large earthquake. The outcome of the earthquake can not be calculated.
  • heaven's wheel - produces a weapon with which attacks can be done. Also increases user's and allies' attack.
  • psychic eye - creates a barrier for incoming future attacks. Also raises allies' and user's defence.
  • sonic twist - causes enemies to hear sounds inverted (either temporarily or permanently) and causes confusion.