The Basics of the FanfictionEdit

MagicConan14's fanfiction is normally in the Detective Conan/Case Closed section, so check out this site before you do any reading of the fanfiction:

The term 'fanfiction' is normally shortened to 'fanfic/s'.

The Basics of MagicaEdit

Magica are magic users of any kind. The term 'magica' was from Puella Magica Madoka.

Magica can be put into one of 17 types. See the Types page for more about this. Each type has a strength and a weakness, and each of those can cover multiple types.

Attacks can also be known as 'moves'. Moves are mostly set by type, yet that rule can be broken if the magica's theme alows them to get moves of a different type e.g. Shinichi (Disappear) has the move scrape (which is a steel type move) yet he's a ghost/flying type. Normal moves, however, are available to every magica but full ghost types.

Each magica has individual statistics of attack, defense and speed. The set health is 12 units, and each statistic mentioned before has a maximum of 10. All four of these are measured out in bars.Some kinds of magica can evolve, and the maximum of evolutions is 2. Upon evolution, more moves will become available and the magica's appearance might change too.

Each attack the magica can do can only remove up to 4 units of health.

Types of magica:

  • angels
  • demons/devils
  • magical monsters (of any sort)
  • hybrids (any combination of either angel, devil, human or hybrid)
  • miscellaneous magica - Most characters fit into this category. They have powers, yet aren't anything else in this list.
  • gods/goddesses

Kinds of miscellaneous magica:

  • spica (they're the prototypes to MagicConan14's fanfic characters). They had to be renamed because the original title turned out to have an inappropriate meaning already in use.
  • car kids (this is Coldplay's term - see the Hurts Like Heaven video and the fanfic Mylo Xyloto to find out what they are)
  • the Brigade Destroyers (no one will be familiar with this group - they haven't been revealed to the public at all and probably never will)
  • ...and many more!