The symbol of the electric type.

Electric types easily jump to conclusions and have a bit of a short temper, but otherwise they're good friends to have around. Like fire types, they are a little prone to pranking and doing things they find - and most others will find - are humorous.

Electric types are renowned for their speed. Their other stats are about average.

Strong against: water, flying

Weak against: ground, dragon

Possible moves:

  • electric orb
  • lightning spark
  • taser - a 'spark' attack combined with the creation of a gun/making a gun out of their forearm.
  • lightning - summons lightning from the sky. Doesn't have to be used during thunderstorms!
  • bolt fusion - used to combine electric attacks with any other kind of attack to create a more powerful attack. Can be used on its own, it looks like a spark attack when used like this. Deals significant damage.
  • light cannon (light/electric) - It is what it says it is.
  • zap wing (electric/flying)