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Kaito's alter ego
Vital statistics
Title 3rd ranked of all devils
Gender male
Race devil/fallen archangel
Usual Group Ran/Aoko, Heiji, Tsuki, Hakuba, Shinichi and himself
Type fire/flying
Level -
Age unknown
Location Tokyo, Japan (current)

Mystic Isle (usual)

Ember is the fire type devil/fire fallen archangel (depending on which fic you read).


The name was originally for a fire-type female magica, and was a pun on 'embarrassing'. Since that name never got used, it got applied to this character.


  • Stealing Stars (protagonist) - fire devil
  • Best of Luck, Tantei-kun (protagonist) - fire archangel and brother of Kuran (younger of duo)

Possible moves:Edit

  • flame thrower
  • fire blaster
  • ring of fire
  • fire tornado - a combination of gust and flame thrower
  • pyro jet - a fiery headbutt. Name comes from the Pokemon move 'aqua jet'.