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Expiry Date is is a web novel published on tumblr (at both courage-a-word-of-justice and trappedbirdsflyingfree). Its updates are rather erratic.

There is also a side story, Different, which explores part of Hideaki's and Haruka's past together, and reveals Haruka's type.

It is notable in that it straddles the line between fantasy and sci-fi, yet some characters still have powers similar to those of magica. The names (or codenames, if applicable) of the characters reflect their powers in most cases.

Characters and their known typesEdit

  • Kieran - none. Uses two rapiers.
  • Dawn - none. Uses tonfas.
  • Electra (Hikari) - electric
  • Silver - ?
  • Akira - ?
  • Daisuke - none. Can shapeshift, and in human form uses a laptop.
  • Hideaki - none. Uses a rifle.
  • Haruka - steel


  • Daisuke's laptop is probably a reference to the scene in Ro.Te.O where Ryou uses a laptop offensively. In the same sense, Hideaki's rifle could be seen as an allusion to Hyperion (of Stealing Stars/Best of Luck, Tantei-kun).