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Anyone who's read MagicConan14's fanfiction (at the bottom of or stories (at will discover that the magic-using characters are a lot more different than ever could be expected. Find out about the universe of the magica here!

You can help out if you want by expanding this wiki and editing, and maybe if you add some suggestions, they might even impact MagicConan14's future fanfics!

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The fanfics are all based on the Detective Conan universe and characters: Detective Conan World wiki  and Detective Conan Wiki (Wikia) have more info.

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Check out the pages of this wiki to find out more about the wonderful world of the magica. Along the way, you'll find links to the fanfiction where it all began...

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Magica are magic users of any kind.

Check out the Basics page and the Types page to get started.

...Get searching! You never know what you might find out!

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Mylo Xyloto is a fanfic based on the album and the comics of the same name (the latter yet to be released). Read more:


I thought maybe we should start up a 'featured article' corner and do this!

12/11 - New 'featured article' up! Mylo Xylotour's in Australia!!

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  • Steal the Night
  • In Another Life
  • Second Chance
  • White Knight
  • Disappear
  • Experiment
  • Mylo Xyloto
  • Destiny

The latest fic from MagicConan14 with magica in it is Disintegrate .

19/10-The Guide to Magica Wiki is now on the Wikia database! Awesome! Pages to date are 34 (although they're not detailed enough as I'm the only one here!).

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