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Shinichi's alter ego
Vital statistics
Title 3rd ranked of all angels
Gender male
Race angel/fallen archangel
Usual Group Ran, Heiji, Kaito, Tsuki, Hakuba and himself
Type ice/flying
Level -
Age unknown
Location Tokyo, Japan (current)

Mirage Island, Heaven (usual)

Kuran is Shinichi's alter ego and the ice angel/fallen ice archangel (depending on which fic you read).


The name was originally meant to be for an ice-type female magica, but since it never got used, it got applied to this one instead. The name itself was a pun on the word 'cooling' since they sound similar.

Kuran's outfit for BoLT was inspired by coldplay's Viva la Vida era.


  • Stealing Stars (protagonist) - ice angel and acquaintance of Ember
  • Best of Luck, Tantei-kun (protagonist) - ice fallen archangel and brother of Ember

Possible moves:Edit

  • ice beam
  • icicle shard - a move unique to Kuran. Effects to be revealed (TBR).
  • skyward swords
  • spear claw - a frozen version of metal claw (TBR in story).