• The light type is not an actual Pokemon type.

Light types are mostly the do-gooders in this world. Most angels are light types, and it's really rare to find a light-type magica which isn't one. It's probably more common to find a light type move being used by some other type.

The other name for the light type is the aether type.

The symbol of the light type is a sun.

Strong against: Ghost

Weak against: Dark, itself

Possible moves:

  • light orb
  • light cannon (electric/light) - See the 'electric type' page for more.
  • sanity (psychic/light) - a mega light orb that deals 3 times more damage than the average light orb. May also cause confusion if powerful enough.
  • various light beam moves. The name of the move and the way the beam is projected depends on the magica.
  • kickdown (fighting/light) - an aerial attack where the name is self explanatory. Generates a huge explosion if powerful enough.