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Ro.Te.O is a web novel published on tumblr (at both courage-a-word-of-justice and trappedbirdsflyingfree). Its updates are rather erratic.

It's about Ryou, Tetsuya and Katsuo (the three boys whose names make up the title) who discover that they're angels and have to learn to deal with their magic, their new friends and their differences.

Ro.Te.O has a spinoff called Crimson which is only on trappedbirdsflyingfree. It's the script of the show within Ro.Te.O.  

Characters and their known type(s)Edit

  • Ryou/Lucifer - fire
  • Tetsuya/Gabriel - air
  • Katsuo/Raguel - ground
  • Kaede/Curiel
  • Sora/Avisel
  • Yuuki/Michael
  • Satoshi/Uriel
  • Katashi/Terrafer

  • Daichi
  • Crimson - blood (rare subtype of water)
  • Hanaka
  • Kate - water
  • Reika - fire
  • Thalia - electric
  • White Knight - ground

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