White Knight

The cover picture for the fanfic White Knight.

White Knight
A Thief's Comtemplation (Black and Gold)
Vital statistics
Title phantom thief
Gender Male
Race miscellaneous magica
Usual Group none...maybe Kid and himself?
Type not set yet - probably water/flying
Level -
Age 16-17
Location Tokyo, Japan
Spoiler warning!
Secrets exist for a reason: to hide facts we do not want others to know.

The White Knight is the personality created from Shinichi's feelings for Kaito in the fic with the same name.


  • White Knight trilogy (1st story only so far)
  • A Magical Christmas (1st and 2nd part)


His magical form is either the Golden Knight or the Twilight Thief depending on the time. However, the three look similar and they're essentially the same person, so this page covers all three of them.